Music Curation and Brand Customized Music Playlists for Backgrounds

Sonodea tailored background music playlist programming services take into consideration a client’s habits, preferences, and customer demographics. By using only music that is congruent with the qualities of the brand, our music programming services build and nurture brand loyalty.  We create sound environments for food and beverage outlets, retail environments – everything from boutique hotels and restaurants to 100+ retailer chains.

The widespread accessibility of digital music via the Internet has deepened the average person’s knowledge, range and perceptibility of music.   This means that companies can no longer use just any music in their retail spaces; the music selection process must be well thought out to please both the casual listener and the music aficionado.

Music Supervision and Consulting

Sonodea selects and licenses music for all film, television and new media productions (e.g. video games, podcasts). The music supports and enhances the artistic aim of the project while remaining within the client’s budget and deadline. We interface with all worldwide publishing bodies and publishing rights administrators such an ASCAP, SESAC, and BMI to ensure that the proper right are negotiated and distributed, and we even source composers if necessary. We can compile a licensing history of any desired music, which is particularly valuable for our advertising clients.

Brand Customized Music CD's & Digital Albums

The goal of our branded CDs solutions is to turn your listeners into disciples of your brand. Every aspect of your CD or Downloadable Digital Program says something about your brand, so our custom CD’s or DDP place equal importance on print, media, and visual elements in addition to the music. Sonodea oversees all logistics related to custom branded CD/DDP development. We work closely with you on everything from the music themes to the packaging to the visual content. We ensure that the music, look and feel of the CD resonate with your clientele and target demographic.

*Downloadable Digital Programs (DDP) are the same as buying a digital album of off  iTunes, Amazon or any other digital retail outlet. We can make your branded music experience come alive via the internet as well as in a collectible, tangible compact disc.

Sonodea can present for sale your CD at various retail and internet sales outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.). Your DDP can be made available a Naptser, Itunes, e-Music, Amazon MP3, and various other points of sale within the digital sphere.

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