About Us

We are a complete turnkey provider of all music-related needs for boutique and corporate clients. Our services include the following

  • Music Curation
  • Custom Music Curation for retail, dining & hotel music programming
  • Helping clients develop a musical identity
  • Sound and audio system design consulting
  • Music Licensing for web, film, tv and commercials
  • Custom Branded CD and Digital Albums for Sale at iTunes and other digital outlets

Sonodea is a creative consulting firm that helps companies harness the power of music as a way to build their brands.  In a world where consumer purchase decisions are increasingly driven by consumers’ hearts, our expertise lies in designing and implementing custom music strategies that emotionally anchor a brand to its clients.  A Sonodea custom designed music experience invites customers to truly feel a brand. We do this by building out the customer experience – the where, the how, and the emotions connected to a product or service, infusing it with an intangible essence that remains in the customers’ minds.


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